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    Company Profile           

    Founded in 1994, SiChuan Haidilao Catering Co., a direct-sale catering chain enterprise focusing on Sichuan style hot pot and integrating features of hot pots from various regions. Over the past years, Haidilao Hot Pot has been dedicated to fulfilling the perfect integration of traditional authentic Sichuan style hot pot with modern trendy dining habit, delivering the healthy hot pot catering culture to food lovers worldwide, building the pleasant dining at mosphere and making customers enjoy the fresh and fragrant delicacy. With the guidance of service differentiation strategy and taking innovation as the core value, Haidilao changes the traditional standardized and unitary services, provides innovative and personalized featured services. With the purpose of “Sustainable Maintenance of Customers’ Degrees of Satisfaction”, it dedicates to providing “attentive, warm and comfortable” services for customers.

  • Haidilao pepole

    Haidilao pepole  

    In Haidilao, the action guidance is that “Customers are obtained table by table, and partnersare gathered one by one.” When Haidilao started the business, it was just alittle restaurant lack of fund, reputation and customers’ favor in the begging.It could only rely on the sincerity to customers and the work partners of mutual trust. People are emotional. If you treat others well, others will treat you well. As long as the company works hard to make the employees take the company as their homes, the employees will pay attention to the customers, tryto make every customer satisfied, and do their best for the company’s development. This is not the management rules from any books, however, it is this concept that makes Haidilao successful today. “All men are created equal.Based on equality, we can survive, develop and love each other. ” This is the cornerstone for the operation and management of Haidilao.

  • CompanyOperation and Management

    Company Operation and Management             

    We have a dream,and work harder than anyone else to realize our dreams. We return the favor received, and create the future by working hard with our hands. We make efforts to move forward without limit. This is the history of Haidilao and the motivation for our growth.

  • Company Vision

    Company Vision

    Haidilao is dedicated to becoming the first-class catering management group in China and the first-class fashionable hot pot brand with popularity and good reputation in world catering industry. We have matured management experience, complete brand building, and the capacities to provide high-quality, safe, high-level dishes and services. With broad vision and dedicated professional employees, we will be dedicated to creating values and bringing ideal returns. We look forward to make joint efforts with you to create the future.